Nagpal Builders (India) Pvt Ltd.

Pioneers in Luxury Real Estate Development


Backed up by powerful work resource, qualitative skilled engineers, M/s. Nagpal Builders (India) Pvt. Ltd. is acknowledged for its quality, commitments, timely execution, added luxury and value additions which are maintained in their every project. We work closely with well known & high credentials Architectural firms like DFI, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Outdoor specialist and other experienced Consultants making sure we design the perfect external and internal environment to add value to the property. Whether Residential or Commercial, large or small we carefully design planting to reserve ample greenery, lighting, water features, sculptures, innovative & trendy modern technologies, stunning furniture, space management, providing best modern amenities, thus creating atmosphere and drama whilst ensuring the space is practical and user friendly.



Being the capital region, Delhi-NCR is termed as one of the most developed and growing cities across the nation; with the pace of time, this region is witnessing a great surge in population due to migration of people from all over to work and settle in the capital. Apart from this, rapidly increasing level of income and growing interest in property investment created a strong demand for development of real-estate. Today’s buyers seek excellence and perfection in every project they look for. Be it the interior facilities, adequate car-parking, eye-pleasing landscapes in the surrounding or easy finance, buyers are becoming highly demanding. Envisioning this demand, Nagpal Builders cherry-pick projects, and concentrates only on quality, substance and complete customer satisfaction.

While the entire real-estate sector is in the number and quantity game they concentrate only on quality, nothing else.

High-end Retail Complex in South DelhiFarmhouse in South DelhiPremium Office Complex in Okhla, South DelhiLuxury Apartment in South DelhiFarmhouse in South Delhi on MG RoadLuxury Villas


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